Blog | Christmas Music Calendar Dec. 12th-14th

Hi guys!
I am finally done with all of my exams and I feel so good about it! I feel that I really did my best this semester 😀


Earlier today I had a Christmas Workshop and it was pretty fun. I invited my friends from my class and we made lots of small santas out of toilet paper rolls, built a gingerbread house, watched a Christmas movie and made Christmas cards.

I wish I had pictures of it, but sadly I forgot to do that. But, in the end it was the fun that was most important 😀

Now, over to some music!

Blog | Christmas Music Calendar Dec. 10th-11th


Hi guys, sorry for forgetting to post anything.
I just had my exam today, so I had to really focus these last days!

Here have some Norwegian christmas songs, the first one is really cosy and I really appreciate that this guy is a part of it and my childhood.

Alf Prøysen (23 July 1914 – 23 November 1970) was a Norwegian authorpoetplaywrightsongwriter and musician. Prøysen was one of the most important Norwegian cultural personalities in the second half of the twentieth century. He made significant contributions to literature, music, television and radio. He is most noted for his series of books featuring the fictional character Mrs. Pepperpot (Norwegian: Teskjekjerringa, Swedish: Teskedsgumman) which established him as a children’s author.


The third song is the main theme for one of my childhood series that were on our national television NRK. It is called Jul i Blåfjell (Eng.: Christmas in the blue mountain (directly translated) or just Christmas in Blåfjell). It’s a Norwegian advent calendar series produced by NRK Children’s and Youth Department, and sent on the television around 1999 (if I remembered right).

Now to the hard part, explaining what the series is about. Uh… In Norwegian folktales or stories we have something called “nisser”. On english it translates it to Goblins, but I don’t really relate them to that because well I think Goblins looks green and evil, and Norwegian “nisser” doesn’t. Anyways, this is a blue “nisse” and there is also something called as a red “nisse” aswell. But, it’s about the blue ones and they looked like this!

The main character loves to go out from Blåfjell and on adventure, she loves humans and try interacting with them but not  getting busted. She loves borrowing stuff and also have snow fights with her friends.

Sadly I am not very good at explaining things and I am also very tired from the exam today. I am going to take the night now, so enjoy the music!

Relatert bilde
One of the main characters. I can’t remember her name, but she loved visiting a small town nearby and borrow stuff. She had like this song about borrowing and giving it back. 
Relatert bilde
Bilderesultat for blånisse
They didn’t have Santa Claus, but we had A FREAKING NISSE QUEEN!!! (I adore her crown… I want one…)

Blog | Christmas Music Calendar Dec. 9th

Today I rewatched my favourite anime called Paprika. The movie came out in 2006 and the cool thing is that Paprika is the inspiration of the movie Inception (which got out in 2010). You can find resemblences like these:

When a machine that allows therapists to enter their patients’ dreams is stolen, all Hell breaks loose. Only a young female therapist, Paprika, can stop it.

I totally recommend both films, but Paprika is definetly the best one. It’s freaky, creepy and weird, and the animation is amazing to look at.

Here is today’s music!

Blog | Christmas Music Calendar Dec. 7th

Did you guys know that Spotify has made something called “Your 2017 Wrapped”? It’s pretty awesome! They made 2 albums just for you! In one of the albums they collected your most listened or top songs that you’ve been listening to during this year. While, the other album is for songs you wish you discovered. ^^

They also made some fun statistics that are pretty cool, you can find your’s here:

Bilderesultat for spotify 2017 wrap

And, if you were wondering… Here are my results this year!

spotify-2017-wrapped (2).png

spotify-2017-wrapped.pngspotify-2017-wrapped (1).png

Here is today’s music: