SIDE BY SIDE – Character & cosplay

Hi everyone!

Sorry, I had a hard time finding out how to put some of my post on my front page so people could click right into my posts… I am a big n00b! SO if any here wants to give me some tips on how to use wordpress PLEASE DO! ^^

I just wanted to share you all a little side by side cosplay and character. This picture is taken by Danarki (click on his name if you want to check his website) and character picture is taken from the internet.


Here I am cosplaying Cana Alberona from Fairy Tail. The character is really awesome and I fell in love with her. Sorry boyfriend ❤ Cana has an incredible story about herself and I don’t really want to spoil anything from this anime. I rather want you to see it with your own eyes. But if you don’t want to see it and rather just want to know, you can click here to read about her.

I chose her S Class outfit when this series decided that some of the characters were going to have some sort of an exam. I mostly chose it because her first outfit shows a lot of boobs. It’s not like I don’t like boobs, it’s more that I don’t want to go half naked on a convention like that. I am not afraid of walking around in a brah (BH) but even when I walked in this outfit boys and some grown ups looked a lot on me. Some boys went several times past me to take a look. This outfit also looks much better and I wanted to make something more on this character so I could actually be proud of something I made by hand.

I made this cosplay out of bought pants, brah, shoes, furry pillow, belt and few materials such as laces and wig. I cut the pants to my knees. I sew on laces on my brah and glued on the white detail with superglue. My white bolero is made out of my dad’s shirt (just want to thank my friend for helping me with this, because it was the beginning when I first started sewing), the blue details on top of my bolero is also glued on (it works really well for this cosplay). My purse or bag is made out from a pillow case which I used blue fabric color on. My cards are photoshopped by my awesome mother (thank you mom! I love you!) and printed out by my friend (Thank you to you too!!).

I don’t want to write too much but I hope you all like my side by side picture. Yes, I know her tattoo is missing on my cosplay but hopefully I will be doing another shoot for this!



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