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Long time no see!

I wanted to take time to write about general hair, wig and styling. I am not very good with styling and what is right or wrong on how to style wigs or my hair. I just do what I think is best with my, not really care what other people think. xD But if you got any tips on wig styling please share!^^

Today I let my bestfriend do my hair because she needed someone to practice on. Yes, she’s a hairstylist! Feel sometimes so lucky to have her and today she taught me lots of stuff that I can do on my wigs. 😀

So this is how my hair looked before she started.


She started off making some volume into my hair by spraying som water on and putting …. stuff (dunnu what it’s called). Then she used a heat-alien-thing which I was going to sit under 6-10 minutes.


After she took everything out and it gave me lots of volume. Sadly I forgot to take a end picture of that. But my bestfriend did another technique for volume too and also made cute waves. She used a thin round hairbrush and a hairdryer.


Look how gorgeous! Gatsby cosplay next!
In the end she made cute waves with a straightener before she moved on to her new client. I love the look and I hope to be her styling model. :3


How is this cosplay-related?
I think this is cosplay related because first of all every cosplayer has to cut or style their wigs before going to a con (I think most people does this, I was a sloppy person and didn’t do it on my first con). Learning stuff from a hairdresser is like winning a lottery (JK)! xD

But I think that learning how to make new styles will strenghten your cosplay experience. At least it did to me. We have to be careful with our wigs and take good care of it for later use. I got around 8 wigs (maybe more hmmm) and I still keep them in their package that I got them in. Some of my wigs are not fitted for a straightener but if I use a hairdryer on low warmth and a hairbrush I can style my wig as I want it to look. Also using a hairspray on the wig is not bad, we can wash our wigs and hang it up to dry. There are lots of tutorials on the web on how to do it.

I don’t know if this was helpful or not, but I will possibly do a wig styling tutorial one day to make my posts more useful. Hope you all have a nice evening! 😀



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