| DIY | Turn old shoes to new cosplay shoes!

Today I just realized that my Facebook page will soon be reaching 400 likes! =o
I’ve been busy with lots of studying but hope do work on more cosplayprojects when I get vacation. ^^

I wanted to share my post from an app called Cosplay Amino. It is a fun app where you make an account for your cosplay, there you can chat, post forum posts or blog post, or anything that is cosplay related and share stuff with other cosplayers in the whole world! 😀

One day I posted a tutorial where I shared how I made my cosplay shoes from old pair of shoes. From left is my original Roots shoes. I really don’t know why I bought them, it was years ago and I never used them… I bought hobbylack (hobby paint) in black and brown and simply painted them. (sorry for bad quality)


Here is the result!
I painted the head and some details below the shoe brown, then I painted the rest of the shoe black. My shoes looks soo much better now than before. The only thing I have to by now is new black shoe laces! ^^


Cost: cheap
You’ll need: old pair of shoes (not made of leather), hobby paint (or fabric paint if made of fabric), shoe laces.

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