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Today I wanted to share some simple ideas on how to make simple Halloween cosplays just buy looking in regular clothing stores like HM and other. I thought it could give you some cool ideas for what to cosplay on Halloween, since this time is perfect for that! ^^

First off is Wednesday Adams from Addams Family.

She is known for her black short dress with white details on it. She wears almost the same dress just with some other patterns so there is always a way to cosplay her. You can find a dress that looks at HM. I found one with square patterns but I can’t find it in their online store sadly, but I kind of want to buy it but I already got this one (before I realized it fit for Ms. Addams). This dress will fit some dark stockings, black boots and of course black nailpolish.
hmprodNext up is Mrs. Addams, Morticia.
She wears quite extreme makeup like light and dark eyeshadow with a marked eyeliner. It’s important to wear her red vampy lips and long nails with red nailpolish. We are known to her tight dresses that goes out in the end and long sleeves. I found this gorgeous dress from HM which I think would fit her quite well. With some accessories, which gives some Halloween feels, and a see-through scarf you’ll totally look like Mrs. Addams. Another thing is that Mrs. Addams got some serious curves, so if you got a bombshell bra, it will give you the curves you’ll need if you want to look as most as possible as her (yes I just got “as” three times in this sentence! BOYAH!).

hmprod (1)

hmprod (2)

hmprod (3)

I picked next character form a anime that is quite Halloween themed! This anime’s world has an evil moon, evil characters which are anything from WITCHES to MEDUSA to A SKULL FACED MAN! This anime is called Soul Eater and the character from this is Maka!
Maka is a Scythe-Meister is skilled with demon weapons who transfroms into Scythes. Like this:
Maka wears a shirt with a tie with a red checkered skirt and a long coat. She also uses white glowes and always has her hair tied up. I chose a white shirt with a black detail and a
73248142001_mhmprod (4)

This is all I got so far and it’s getting late so I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want some links you can find them down below. I hope you all have a good night and a happy horrific Halloween this year!

– http://www.hm.com/no/product/32600?article=32600-D#article=32600-D
– http://www.hm.com/no/product/20304?article=20304-C
– http://www.hm.com/no/product/34100?article=34100-A
– http://www.hm.com/no/product/84608?article=84608-B
– http://www.ginatricot.com/cno/no/kolleksjon/klar/bluser-skjorter/nahla-skjorte/prod732481420.html
– http://www.hm.com/no/product/11859?article=11859-B
– http://nelly.com/no/kl%C3%A6r-til-kvinner/kl%C3%A6r/jakker/boohoo-200814/crepe-coat-290745-426/

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