Blog | Exams are coming…

Hi guys
It is finally November and my exams are coming in. So this month won’t be about cosplay at all.
I will of course post some cosplay ideas or plans that I want to do, but they will mostly be posted on my Facebook page.

Hopefully when I’m done with all of my exams, I will be working a lot on my cosplays, but when my next semester starts I will be starting on my bacherlor =oo
So I don’t know how much time I will be spending on cosplay around that time. But here is my plans for almost next year:

December 9th -> New year
My last exam is December 9th and after that I hope to work a lot on my Captain Miss Fortune Cosplay and maybe get to finish it before new year!


If I got some time after finishing this, I can eventually finish my secret cosplay that I was going to finish by April 2015… (postponed it because I was simply unhappy with some stuff)

I am also going to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the premier day. I really want to hurry and make Sith cosplay for that day, but I don’t think I have time but hope to do it someday!

New year -> August 2016
Going to work almost a whole year on making a cosplay of my main character, Nahelee, from Guild Wars 2. Already did a makeuptest when I was a little bored. But will be more tests later that year.

Nahelee portrait

Also considering a couple cosplay with my boyfriend, which will either be Medusa and Franken Stein from the anime Soul Eater or Takeo and Yamato from Ore Monogatari.



Then I really want to make a Pokémon X Gijinka cosplay of Xerneas. Which I think will be challenging and epic at the same time! But we will see how much time I will have this 2016! xD


So that’s my plans, which I hope to fullfill most of them. I need to focus on finishing my bachelor first of course. So I guess my summer will be lots of working on cosplay stuff! ;D


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