Blog | New year, new plans

Hello everyone and happy new year!
I have finally decided how my cosplans for 2016 will be. There may be some changes due to my plans of moving out from my parents house and some other stuff. But hopefully these are my plans!

Captain Miss Fortune – League of Legends


I am currently working on this babe! 😍
So far I’ve done the base of the hat, done with her pants and gloves, and currently working on her jacket and the stuff over her gloves.

Nahelee – Guild Wars 2


This is a really a longterm project. This will probably take me more than a year to make because I am just a slow working person. Because I want stuff to look good.

Amelia – Treasure Planet


Amelia is my all time favourite from one of my favorite movies Treasure Planet!

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter


Always will and always been one of my favourite characters. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling has been a great part of my life. I love the books and movies. After I got my specially designed socks for Hermione, I suddenly got a kick to just cosplay her! ♡

Winter Wonder Lulu – League of Legends


Already made her once, now I want to make her twice. I hope this will be my winter costume for 2016. I know how to make her type of hats now and I did make her snowman once to my Australian friend. :3

Aaaaaaaaand that’s it!
I hope you like my plans for 2016 anf hopefully I might meet you at Torucon 2016. Even when that seems far away, suddenly we’re already there =o

Bekkso over and out!


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