Blog | Today something great occurred to me!

Hi folks!
I got finally off from work and tomorrow I can finally sit down and FINALLY continue on my Captain Miss Fortune! YAY! 😀
So I’ve been working a lot to have afford to continue cosplaying, hopefully go travelling to Denmark this summer, maybe move out or actually continue on my tattoo sleeve. So yeah, there will be lots of stuff going on this year, especially because this is my bachelor year.

So I’ve decided to do work on my cosplay projects more slower, so I get all the details right but also becuase I got lots of studying to do. I must also try to not spend too much money, which come the great news!

A very good Norwegian Cosplayer also known for her amazing Game of Thrones cosplay and her Triss Merigold cosplay, Santatory  (click on her name to get to her Facebook page). Here are some cool pictures!

Anyways, Santatory had a Christmas giveaway where people had to nominate other cosplayer and write a why they nominated this cosplayer to win. I got nominated by two awesome friends (I think, if there were more friends who nominated me, I am really grateful for that!) and they wrote such beautiful such as:

“Because she is one of the nicest and cleverest cosplayer I know, of that could made much use of materials from Nerdeportalen! :)” – Nocturnality

“Because she is clever and motivated for what she does. :)” – Mia

Thank you so much both of you for your kind words, because I got a message from Santatory today where she informed me that I won! ^-^
I got so caught off guard and I was at work when I got the information that I just simply treated my customers extra special today and gave them so much happiness hahah! Just because I got so happy! I don’t win competitions or giveaways that often so I get really really happy when such things happens to me haha. 😛

Tomorrow I will be working on my hat for Captain Miss Fortune and hopefully there will come progress pictures. Next week me and my boyfriend will go to the woods, find some snow and finally do my winter costume shoot! yay, I can’t wait!!! 😀

Hope you all have a great day and week! ❤


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