Blog | Wigtest, GeeKon in April, should my mother start cosplaying with me?

Like every cosplayer, I think most of us think it is Christmas or Birthday again when our wigs or any cosplay related materials arrives! ^-^

On last monday my very first lace front wig arrived. It is from Wigisfashion (a very good Ebay store) who sells a bit expensive wigs with very good quality (that’s what I heard).

2016-01-25 08.55.23 1.jpg

Sorry for bad quality, the room didn’t have much lighting where I was. But anyways!!

Here is a picture of wearing it for the first time. I haven’t done anything with it yet, I will be styling much later around Easter (maybe earlier if I finish Hermoine cosplay quite early). The wig is from Wigisfashion and it doesn’t feel quite silky, it feels sorta like hair, but it doesn’t feel completly like it either. When I first put it on it sits really good around my head. What is amazing me is that it feels really really light! =o
So I will say the quality of this wig is surprisingly good and well prized of course xD

I will be attending GeeKon in Oslo in April (9th-10th). I got my mother with me, which will be really fun because she hasn’t been at a convention like this before and really don’t know how it will be. I will arrive Oslo April 8th and will probably just go around and go shoppping with my mother.

We started joking that she should do her very first cosplay as Bellatrix with me as Hermione. But now we are actually considering it, my mother knows someone who’s really good at sewing and she’s considering asking her to make Bellatrix outfit for her. Then I could be helping her with finding a perfect wig and style it!

What do you guys think? Should my mother cosplay Bellatrix in April with me?


Leave a comment if my mother should join me or not!

I will be posting some more later today and hope you all have a great day! ❤


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