Blog | I’m crazy…

Hi guys,
You are probably reading this because of my title. And do you know what? I am totally crazy!

I think around two weeks ago, I ordered something for my Hermione Granger cosplay. And for me it is not just something! I decided to spend some coin, some gold or rupees to get an authentic house cardigan all the way from Universal Studios (aka their merchandise).

And do you know what?
It costed me hell of money for me but I am totally fine with that! šŸ˜‚

My house cardigan arrived today on the door and while opening my package, it felt like Father Christmas used a Nimbus Broomstick to get it to my house (my package was really cold). It feels like Christmas again haha šŸ˜‚


And here it is!! Look how avshsgshjs beautiful it is. The quality is just like in the movie. Made of lambswool and made in Scotland! I love it to bits! šŸ˜

So today I took a costest!



My wig is from WigIsFashion (Ebay), all the other are bought from local clothing stores & hobby stores (HM, Outland, etc.). I won’t style or fix my wig until we’re in April, near traveling to GeeKon in Oslo ;3

Here is a little easter egg of my Harry Potter collection, these are my wands I collected :3


I hope you all like it and have a nice day! ā™”


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