Blog | Work as a volunteer! :D

Hey guys!
I sort of got so much to do that I almost forgot that I had a blog… D:

Anyways I’m going to update you a little! 😀
On Feb. 19th I worked as a volunteer in cosplay. Even that I worked as a volunteer before, this was my first time working as a volunteer while cosplaying. Me and my cosplay friend, Nocturnality, worked in cosplay for Kosmorama, which is Trondheim’s international filmfestival. We helped them promote their kidsprogram which had a theme and that was ASIA! yey! They were going to show movies such as the new Kung Fu Panda 3 and Studio Ghibli movies! 😀


Studio Ghibli has many incredible movies, and some of them are also one of my favorite movies to watch. I think Princess Mononoke is on my 1st place, then Howl’s Moving Castle on 2nd place and Spirited Away on my 3rd place. Which Studio Ghibli movies are you favorite(s)?

Before working for Kosmorama, I chose to cosplay Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle and had only one week to get my dress done… During that week I had one exam and a tattoo session on the inside of my elbow… My progress on working on this dress was horrible, I had to learn new ways on making dresses and I literally shed blood and tears to get everything done in time…


I really need to thank my mother for being so helpful and I love her so much for caring about my interest for cosplaying ❤

Here’s the results!

12742464_724383364365117_6598134470925688540_nCosplayers: Bekkso Cosplay (me) as Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle & Nocturnality as Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service ❤

So far I’m happy with the results, execpt my wig. xD
I’d like to get a new lighter wig for this cosplay, but that was the only one that I had.
We had really fun doing this and we’re going to work with Kosmorama again March 12th and 13th! 😀

12764803_724386424364811_6335866611749992436_oPhoto by: Frank Lervik

We also got in our local newspapers!

Thank you for reading this post, sorry it got so long. I try not to write too long blog posts but sometimes I get over excited enthusiastic.

Have a nice day all! 😛


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