Blog | Hunter Ronja cosplay & why I decided to make this

Hi guys and thanks for enjoying my latest post!
I reached 159 readers yesterday on my last post, I never had that many readers before and it was really fun! Also, I got to reach a new milestone: 400 likes on my Facebook Page yaaaaaay! *clap clap clap* 😀

First of all, I’ve posted all of my new pictures from my latest shoot. So click HERE if you want to go see them or go to my gallery in my blog.


So I basically made Hunter Ronja, to show other potential cosplayers out there that it is possible to make a cosplay or costume out of anything, and that you only need a creative mind to do so!

I have my own strategy to how my process for how I make my cosplays. Sadly I don’t use it that often as I should xD
But here is a tiny bit of strategy which I will be writing about which is a easy map to follow when making your first cosplay for example ^^

  1. Planning
    1. Vision
    2. Goals
    3. Budget planning
    4. Materials
  2. Implement
    1. Shopping materials
    2. Crafting
    3. Putting cosplay together
    4. Costests
    5. Makeuptests
  3. End result
    1. Photoshoot

This is some of it and I will start right away!


It is important to plan what you’re going to make. Specially when making your own character.What I did in the whole beginning of this process is that I started googling and using pinterest and other platforms to find inspiration to what I wanted to make.



It is important after finding your inspo to get your own vision on how you want your cosplay to look. I highly recommend drawing to get some sort of vision. If you think you don’t have any drawing skills I still recommend to draw, because if you want to be good at something like drawing or making cosplays out of scratch, you won’t get good by not doing it or talking youself down like “I can’t draw and I won’t be good at it”. hehe, yes lame explanation but you know what I mean. You must learn by repeating.

When it comes to colors and such, I wanted the nordic feel, some inspirational colors from Three Wishes for Cinderella(1973) and some colors that looked natural like: moss green, brown.


This should be the first part but it ended up being a second part, because I always forget writing my goals down so I will remember them. Having a goal is essential to get closer to the end result you want. So writing your goals down are big essentials 😉

Budget planning

I am horrible on this part. I don’t know how much I’ve spent on my cosplays but it must be A LOT… T_T “bye bye money”. As a poor student, it should be quite important to actually have a planned budget. For this cosplay I didn’t do it but my thoughts when buying my materials were cheap.


Through your vision you should be able to find out what sort of materials you want to use.


Shopping materials

Like I said, if you’re a poor student like me you must think cheap sometimes. I spent in totalt 500 on my cosplay where I bought faux fur for 300 and rest spent on really cheap leggings and gloves. Rest of it did I find in my closet and borrowed from my friends.


Here I didn’t have to craft anything, this is litteraly something I put together myself. Which I think is kinda cool 😀

Putting your cosplay together, costests and makeuptest

When making your cosplay it is important that you also put the pieces in your puzzle together so you can see where you’re at and look for possible changes. I did several changes to me when doing it and also when doing my costests and makeuptests.

End result

When finishing you should get a friend to take picture of you! You’ll get pretty happy when you get done, hurray! Here is my end result 😀




I hope you guys like it and have a nice day! 😀


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