Blog | Post-con blues

First of all, I really can’t believe that I got 240 total views on my post about 5 negative and 5 positive things about cosplaying. I feel I really nailed it, haha! ^^’

It’s been a week since GeeKon, Oslo, and I still have lots of post-con blues. But I thought I could tell you my experience of this con as it was their first convention!
Our local comic book store, Outland, has lots of experience from several conventions in Norway and used it to make their own project and their very first convention in Oslo. They invited several guest such as world famous cosplayer Kamui Cosplay, Nerdeportalen, Cyanide & Happiness.

I was so fangirling when I got to talk with Kamui Cosplay and she was so kind!!! Omgosh, I even got an awkward picture with her hihi! ❤
I never felt this shy before, because I don’t think I am that shy at all and this time I went all blank when we had the conversation. AND when she started to ask me if my lace front wig was my real hair, I blushed so much I might turn into a really really healthy tomato! Sounds really tard I know, but I took it as a big compliment because I’ve never worked with lace front wigs before 😀

During GeeKon there were lots of art stands and stores there, which was really great. First day there was an opening sermony, panels with Ookami Photography, debates and cosplay competition. I think the competition went really great and I think the judges did a god job. The winners of the competition was:

1st. place: Karin Olava Effects
Character: Nux cosplay from Mad Max: Fury Road

2nd. place: Silje Danielsen Cosplayer and Makeup Artist
Character: Elphaba from the musical Wicked.

3rd. place: Chrix Design
Character: Vault Dweller from Fallout 3


Congratz to the winners!!

Second day of GeeKon, there was an open cosplay walk, panels by Santatory and Timeforlemontea (which was awesome!!), Q&A with Kamui Cosplay, Q&A with Rob DenBleyker (one of the makers from Cyanide & Happiness), performance workshop by The Fuzzy Teddy Inn.

Even though much was really well planned, I still think there is a potential to get better. I specially focus on the program, because there was specially on some parts of the days there could be some openings for mini activities. Example vise: ummm… Right now I don’t have any examples because my head is under maintainance hehe… :’D

But anyways, GeeKon was really great and I almost forgot to mention that I brought my mother there too! Which really highlightened my trip to Oslo. She really enjoyed herself and took lots of pictures. I really love that she’s so interested in my hobbies and specially cosplaying. She’s been there for me so many times when making my cosplays and bringing her here and experiencing two days of a cosplayers world, I think it is really great! She actually gifted my last piece for my Hermione Granger cosplay, which was Gryffindor House Tie! I love it to bits and thank you so much! ❤

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and Hipster Ariel cosplayed by me.
Photo by Ookami Photography and JL Cosplay.Studio

This was my first trip to another convention than Torucon, but I am planning to attend more convenions outside Trondheim in the future! 😀

I hope you all have a nice day and stay tuned for more!



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