Conventions 2016

So there are several conventions that will arrive soon, so first of all I thought a list of conventions and when they are could be a good thing. I know there are groups and site who has done it already, but some hasn’t seen then very very long international list over conventions and I think conventions in Norway should be put on that list too some day.

Anyways, here is a list over conventions I think would be cool to attend to (both natonally in Norway and international) 😀


Comnicon: Stavanger, 7.-8.

Retrospillmessa: Sandefjord, 14.-15.

Medieval Festival: Oslo, 27-29.

MCM London Comic Con 2016: London, 27-29.


Starcon: Stavanger, jun. 11.

Supernova Pop Culture Expo: Sydney (Australia), 17.-19.

Yugicon Summer: Drammen, jun. 18.

Desucon: Lillestrøm, 24.-26.

DigitalityX: Stavanger, 30.- july 3.


Nordic Viking Fair: Borre, 1.-3.

Anime Expo: Los Angeles (USA), 1.-4.

Frognercon: Oslo, 2.

Japan Expo: Paris (France), 7.-10.

BroCon: Limerick (Ireland), 8.-10.

San Diego Comic Con: San Diego (USA), 21.-24.

Genki: Farum Arena (Denmark), 22.-24.

Närcon Summer: Linköping (Sweden),  28.-31.

World Cosplay Summit: Nagoya (Japan), jul. 25.-august 2.


Torucon: Trondheim, 13.-14.

Kawaiicon: Porsgrunn, 27.-28.

Pax Dev: Seattle (USA), aug. 31.-sep.1.


Dragon Con: Atlanta (USA), 2.-5.

Metrocon: Stavanger, 10.-11.

Gigacon: Oslo, 30.-okt. 3.


Banzaicon: Larvik, 7.-9.

GeekFest: York (UK), 15.-16.

MCM London Comic Con: London (England), 28.-30.


FanExpo: Vancouver (Canada), 11.-13.



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