Blog | Home sweet home!

Hi lovelies!
I am finally back home from my trip to Benidorm, Spain! It was such a nice trip!

We spent much of our time by the beach and there was such a big difference between the temperature in Spain and Norway. So it felt really nice ^^
I also got to go visit a really big shopping centre called La Marina (if I’m not wrong..?), I found some cool stuff there to wear during summer and at Roskilde Festival (which I will be attending later this summer). I have gotten a nice tan, which will probably make me look more human than white as a vampire haha ^^ Also got a little sunburnt in my face, because there was one day I forgot to use sunscreen. Always. ALWAYS remember to use sunscrren or else…. it hurts! o_o

Anyways there has been a lot that I needed to update myself on. By that I mean A LOT!
Recently E3 was and I’ve seen so much cool stuff via IGN’s snapchat while I was gone. D:


I really, really need to save money, but when they show such incredible trailer. HOW CAN I EVEN?!?! Before that The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine has gotten out! AND I STILL HAVEN’T PLAYED IT YET! (**no spoilers pls!**) I’ve been keeping up with Santatory’s amazing cosplay project of her Anna Henrietta cosplay and Maul Cosplay’s of Geralt. Which my eyes been stuck to my screen, stalking them both for their amazing cosplays! Litterally; look at this!!



Anyways, I’ve hurried to catch up with you guys on all the cool stuffs that has been at E3. The trailers and games that excited and intrigued me the most are these:

So are you excited for the new up coming games? Which games this excite you most? ^^


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