Blog | Elyon’s Crown from W.I.T.C.H.

So again, I forget I have a blog. Which is my bad ofc. But after a week in Roskilde, I came home with fever and been sick almost a week now. So please bear with me guys 😦 ❤

Roskilde Festival was really great. Well, first of all, we drank. A LOT. Which is not very good, but it was fun and I didn’t get uneasy or anything. I just simply know that drinking as much during a week, is not healthy for your body. We get pretty tired of it too. xD

Anyways, be careful ❤

The artist at the festival was AMAZING. I got to see most of my favorite artists and lots of new ones. The food was incredible too. It was anything from noodles, ramen and burgers to snack pack, food courts, grills and lots of other food places!

It was so fun there, because you could talk to anybody and hang with them! 😀

Sadly, when it all was over. The trip home was tiring and I got sick. :c
It has been a week since, and it feels so weird. Time flies guys. :c

Now I am finally getting better and I am hoping to get a new shot of my Elyon cosplay. Right now I am making that one little thing that was missing and that is her crown. ^^


So I am going to do the hard way, by using gesso. Then I will be sanding this shit till there are no bulks, prime and then paint it!

Wish me luck guys and have a nice day! ❤


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