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Last weekend over 1000 nerds and geeks gathered at Torucon this year. Yes, I tried to make it sound newspaper ish haha! Torucon is a gathering for all sorts of cosplayers. Weather you’re a cosplayer, geek, gamer or just a “regular” person. Most people meet up for this to meet their friends, to cosplay together and also take lots of funny photos.

This year’s theme was superheroes, but it seemed that there were more bad guys than superheroes on the first day. There are many creative souls out there. I saw many cosplaying from Dragon Age, Hunger Games, Marvel, DC, Warhammer, Disney, Harry Potter etc. Everyone looked amazing!!

There were lots of things to see at Torucon, such as Art Stands, Open Scene, competitions and panels. I only got time to attend Santatory and Timeforlemontea’s panel about sewing and practical stuff that you needed for sewing. I know there were lots of panels, like Stickweeds crafting and cosplay’s panel about armouring and metalwork, wigs and wigstyling panel with  Silje Danielsen Cosplayer and Makeup Artist and Cosplayer – Sophie Karine Riis, props and armor panel with CryoCanine Creative, (BREATHE) photography panel with Starbit, performance panel with Hulda Elira, cosplayprocess with Tillers cosplayhjørne and makeup, hair and airbrush with Bettcanard. Not only because they are amazing people, but very kind too! If you ever needed tips, trick or just had any questions they got most of the answers. 😀

On the first day of Torucon was great! It started with an opening show and after it ended people started mingling until first round of the cosplay contest started. We had 3 separated categories; No judging, casual and master. The one who wins the master category, not only wins a great price and loads of stuff from Nerdeportalen, but also a ticket to participate in the Nordic Championship at Närcon! =o

I was lucky to capture a video of all of the contestants in the second round in Master category. Sadly my phone started to take control of itself, so I lost two of the contestants. One was of Cinderella and Fairy God Mother from Cinderella Movie. But I promise you, they had a very detailed cosplay and a great performance!

Videos from the Casual category

1st place: Cosplayer: Bettina DuMond Nordal as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

2nd place: Studio Eevia as Solas from Dragon Age

3rd place: Just Cosplay & Props as Genji from Overwatch

Honorable mention: Samplè Cosplay as Kili

Other contestants from Casual Category:

Wee from Fandomily cosplay as Alma Coin from The Hunger Games

Amazonian Cosplay as Flemeth from Dragon Age: Iquisition

Videos from the Master category

1st place winner was Kroforce Cosplay with his amazing warrior cosplay from World of Warcraft.  At least I got to insert an incredible photo of this bearded man and his cosplay. He is a huge inspiration when it comes to armor and hopefully this picture might inspire you!

Photo by Rojano Photo

What surprised us all, was that he didn’t accept his place in the Nordic Cosplay Championship. The reason was that he spent a lot of time on his cosplay and got a bit tired of working on a cosplay 24/7. He literally worked 3 years on his warrior cosplay! So it is pretty understandable! Meanwhile he gave his place away to the second place winner.

2nd place was Superhero Girl Creations with her Fairy God Mother from the Cinderella movie. She was really funny during her performance and her dress looked amazing! She will be one of the contestant at the NCC and I think we all can’t wait to find out what her cosplay will be!

(Insert incredible photo of Superhero Girl Creations here! PLS DO!)

3rd place winner was Potato Cosplay as Kylo Ren from Star Wars! I got some of her performance before my stupid phone started to live its own life. I think the title says itself! ^^

Other contestants from Master category:

Luma Cosplay as Wizard from Diablo III

Hope you all liked the performances!

Continuing on the second day of Torucon, the day was more relaxed. There were some panels during the day (which was mentioned earlier), chibi cosplay-catwalk (which was both days) and an outfit competition.

The winner of the outfit competition was an incredible creative cosplayer. He is known to be a funny guy and often cosplays something unusual such as genderbent Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove, Miguel from El Dorado and Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, and many more. Like I mentioned earlier, he is quite creative and he won the outfit competition for his amazing creativity and skills. The winner was VanillaSnowflake with his Steampunk Battle Timemage. His performance was incredible with a dance that was representing this timemage travelling in time. I really wish I had it in video, because I want you guys to have seen it too!

But I stole this video from his page and hope you all will check out his Facebook Page!

The rest of Torucon’s second day was mostly spent to take pictures, for most of us at least. The CosCast also had their very first live show, which was pretty cool! They are three very cool girls who makes episodes on youtube, newsflashes and interviews other cosplayers on Youtube.The podcast hosted by Annabella Cosplay, Enyassia Cosplay and Pixiedust Cosplay.

Minor things I hope Torucon will improve is the competition. First, name up the cosplayers cosplay name instead of their real names. Mostly because lots of us want to find them on Facebook to like them and find out who they are. But if they don’t have a cosplay name it is totally fine too. Second, which is more up to the cosplayers who want to join the competition, because there were so many amazing cosplayers in the Casual category who should have been in the Master category because of their skills and incredible work! I think it is a bit sad seeing so many cosplayers who actually should have been in the master category chose not to be in it. Because it seems they don’t have the selfesteem for it or are afraid to be judge or anything. I am not judging but I knew many of those who where in the casual and I really really hope to see you in the master category next year! (OR ELSE, I will be knocking on your door in a very stalky and creepy way… (JK…))

I would like to thank all the volunteers at Torucon for making this con amazing this year. It was really great and lots of people had so much fun! You guys gave us such a good con’experience and I hope you guys will continue to do that every year! I will also thank Aslak for being awesome and continue to be awesome. Pls do more dancing on the stage ❤

Are there others who feel the post-con-blues yet? Well, I already do and I hope I’m not alone. But I hope to see many more of you guys at Banzaicon in October!

Have a nice day everyone!


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