Review | Custom order: Spider Gwen bodysuit from Zentai-Zentai

First of all, I would point out that I do not get sponsored to write reviews. I do not want to get payed to write for anyone becuause I want to write what I like, meanings and sharing my interests with you guys. I made this review because I thought I could share my first-time experience about custom orders.

I would like to start this review about where I bought my cosplay and about this shop, then further about measurements of a custom order, costs, delivery time, trying on the costume, wearing the costume during at a con. In the end I will show the results of this suit with pictures taken by Rojano Photo and give a final summary of it all.


The shop is named Zentai-Zentai. I got the store recommended by a friend, who bought a custom bodysuit for her Samus cosplay. Her suit looked very good and I thought it would be smart to buy my bodysuit for Spider Gwen from there. I want to remind this was my first time buying from them, so I had no experience with them at all.

Zentai-Zentai produce finished bodysuits in lots of different sizes, but there are also possible to order a custom order. When I wanted to order my suit, I chose to make it a custom so it would fit perfectly.


When I was going to order this custom suit, I had to fill a list of measurements, like this:


It wasn’t that hard to measure when you have a helpful mother or friend who can help. Doing it alone could be slightly difficult…


The bodysuit itself costed me around $65,00 USD and I had to add the EVA lenses to the cart which costed me $15,00 USD. I also wanted the shipping to be fast, so I chose Expedited and that costed me $23,00 USD. For Standard shipping, it will cost $20,00 USD.

The order cost me of a total $103,00 USD. In Norwegian Kroner that is a total of kr 845.42,-. Which is a lot for a suit, but ok in some way which I will explain later.

Delivery time

Anyways, this site had lots of information to read. Such as tailoring took 4 weeks, EVA lenses was excluded and zipper as a U-shape, etc. I placed my order around July 6th with express shipping (3-5 days) and it arrived faster than I thought! Because they said tailoring took 4 weeks, which is 30 days. Further down on their site they have published Shipping Methods and estimated around how long it might take. Since I chose expedited shipping method, they had estimated it like this:

Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time
Standard : 34 – 48 days = 30 – 40 days + 4 – 8 days
Expedited : 33 – 45 days = 30 – 40 days + 3 – 5 days

I don’t know if it is right or not, but I think the suit arrived way earlier than I thought it would. Because I thought the tailoring would take a month and with expidited shipping, it would arrive around right before a local con called Troucon was, in August. Which it didn’t! It came way earlier haha! 😀

Trying the costume

When I first tried on the costume, it was really tight. One of the things that bothered me was that the zipper was a little short. So the legs of my suit is a little short for me and looks like I might have a longer back than usual. And the zippers will get +0,5 because before I got them right, I thought the zippers actually stopped in the middle of my crotch… Which was embarrassing, because it would look like I had two antlers in my crotch… But I later realised they would stop down on the side of my leg. So yeah, I am not a smart person :’D

The suit was comfy, but when I tried on the mask it was quite heavvy to breathe in. I also didn’t like the seams which was on my forhead and chin. Later I ordered a wig (that never came, but in the end did but after Torucon ended wuhu…) for this costume, which I hope I get some pictures without the mask. ^^

During Torucon…

Before Torucon started, I had to make sure I had shoes for this costume. I bought some cheap shoes at HM and painted them in the blue color that matched my headset.

When I arrived Torucon I was lucky that my ticket barely showed on my arm. Lucky because first, I could get taken pictures of without the ticket-bracelet. I also talked to the guys who checked the tickets and said it was ok, because they could see it if they looked closer on my arm. 😛

The suit was not suitable for wind, it got freezing cold. But when I first got inside the con, I didn’t regret wearing a thin suit. Because it gets quite warm inside a con with lots of people!

The EVA lenses was crap. The color on it cracked up during Torucon and it was quite hard to see through them too.

Final result

Luckily we got awesome photographer who can edit away the ugly seams and take really awesome shots! I love how the pictures turned out and I loved being my favorite heroine!

Photos by Rojano Photo

Final summary

All in all, I quite like this suit. It feels weird wearing it in the beginning but I got quite comfy with it when wearing it several hours. I also like that I could make a custom order without costing me more and that the delivery was so fast!

I do think it was worth the money, even thought it cost me a lot. Because the quality of the materials used I think the whole suit was really well-made and had a good placement of the zipper without ruining the pattern. I only wish the EVA lenses costed me less, because I really think they were cheap and crap. I think I could have made my own, which might cost me more, but in the end have better quality than theirs.

The suit is breatheable, but quite thin. So if you want a suit like this and want to take pictures outside, make sure it’s not windy, rainy or any cold places!  Also, consider getting another mask somewhere, make your own mask or ask Zentai-Zentai if they could make the mask with less seams. So they won’t show on the middle of your forhead and chin.

I will rate this costume with some cute signs:

Cost: ¯\_༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽_/¯

Comfort: (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Quality: d=(´▽`)=b

Service: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Information (from their site): ( ̄(エ) ̄)ゞ

Final rate: 


Well thank you for reading my review and came so far 😛
I hope you guys liked it too. I am considering making more of these posts. Leave a comment or like this post if you think I should do it ^^

Have a nice day!


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