Music | This months music and cosplay news!

Hi guys!
Last month went fast, maybe because I spent lots of time at work. I will bring you some cosplay updates on where I am. I am working on Iris von Everec from the Witcher 3: Heart of Stone. I just finished her veil and going to start working on her dress this sunday and last days before Banzaicon, in Larvik. It is 6 days until Banzaicon and I can already feel the stress!

Here is some cosplay news:


This weekend is Gigacon in Oslo. Which is a LAN- / gaming- event where lots of gamers, geeks and cosplayers gatheres. This year cosplay guest at Gigacon is cosplayer Tine Marie Riis, who is a Norwegian cosplayer and is known for her amazing Alexztraza and Miss Fortune cosplays. Second guest is Pugoffka, from Ukraine and is known for her incredible skills with cosplay photography. Third guest is Kairi in Cosplayland, from Poland. Known for her beautiful cosplays from League of Legends, Bioshock and Kingdom Hearts. She has also won several titles and has visited Gigacon before. Last and final cosplay guest is cosplayer Sophie Karine Riis. She work as a hairdresser, and has a big passion for wigs and sewing. She is also known for her amazing Star Fox, Teemo and Link from Legend of Zelda. Other cosplayers who are attending Gigacon is Starbit cosplay, Ves cosplay, Heresetai cosplay and Weaslette cosplay. You can read more about Gigacon clicking on this link:

Kotaku cosplayers

Last Tuesday, Kotaku shared another cosplayer called Miyuki Cosplay. Kotaku shared a photo of her as Sivir and it looks so amazing!

6 days until Banzaicon!

I litterally can’t wait till Banzaicon. There will be lots of panels, workshops and events there. They have finally published their programs and you can check it out below:

I will end this blog post before it gets too long, but here is this months music by The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!


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