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Hi, guys!

This whole week has been a rollercoaster. But I want to write this post more as a review of Banzaicon and rather share my experience in another blogpost called psychology and cosplaying. The reason for this is because sometimes you work on a cosplay, and often this cosplay has lots of challenges and while making it, it won’t go as well as you planned. That was the whole week for me. But overall I will try and tell mostly about Banzaicon7, how it was, what happended there and a tiny review of this con.

So, Banzaicon is held in Larvik. They used to have it at Sliperiet. Which was a tiny and cosy place for around 500 people. I never got the chance to attend it, because they first of all the tickets got sold out really really fast and I also didn’t have much time or money to go. But this year, they decided to arrange it at a bigger location (Boligmappa Arena Larvik) and had space for 1500 people!

When arriving to Banzaicon, you could either sleep at a hotel or at a accommodation (aka sleeping hall). Sleeping hall was a big sports hall and it had lots of space. Only cheap thing was that it was cold, but I can’t really complain about that since the hall is supposed to be like that. I guess. The convention had two entrances, a large cafeteria, a long hall of different shops (like Nerdeportalen, NeoTokyo and many more!), art stands, arcade and a huge arena where the main stage where. They also had lots of rooms with different activities inside, such as panels, arcade, etc. Overall, it was a huge place to be in.

The program

Banzaicon7 had a big program, with lots of panels, workshops, contests, games and many more. I didn’t get to attend much on either friday or saturday, because I had to finish my cosplay and attend the cosplay competition. Down below you can see the program, which was amazing!

Opening show

On Saturday, Banzaicon started their opening show with lots of humor, music and dancing. They looked so cool! You can watch the whole opening show from 15:56:20. 😉

Panels and workshops

There where so many things in this programs, including panels and workshops. The CosCast had a live show, which was pretty awesome. They included people from the audience and also interviewed two of three NCC contestants.

Santea’s (Santatory and Timeforlemontea) got to have two panels this year! First one weas called Cosplay Seamwork, which was about basic sewing, important tools, how to use different fabrics. Second was Cosplay Process – idea to finish, which was about how to begin a cosplay project, how to analyse the character, what fabric the character is using on its clothes and how to use other and cheaper fabrics that looks like the character’s wearing.

Pharamony had a panel about had worbla workshop, which may have taught Stickweed some cool armor stuff by using small metal tools. :’D

Stickweeds crafting and cosplay had workshop called The basics of steel, where he taught many how to use steel into their cosplay and what kind of tools to use while working on it.

Ingridbeast Cosplay held a really cool workshop called In Character Cosplay Workshop. Where she taught how to be in character, which must have been so awesome!

The space pope named Charles White

But the MOST major thing and most influencing presentation on the program, was Charles White’s presentation called “Space Pope – Gaming can save lifes”. You can watch it down below.

I have no words on how to describe his presentation. It was incredible and really understanding for those who suffers of depression and anxiety. Many cosplayers has or are under lots of stress, anxiety, pressure and low self esteem, and sometimes it all can be turned into a really dark depression. Charles White talks exactly about depression and suicide, specially about how important it is to talk, get help and also raise awareness of this issue. Because each year there are hundred thousands of people die of suicide or attempt suicide.

I never been that depressed to attempt suicide, so this example might not help any, but I want to talk about it anyways. I will post another post which will be more personal, but I hope you guys will understand this. But here is the short explaination of this: I as a person I know that some people sees me as a very extrovert and quite social person. I am those things, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have depressions. Because that I am so extrovert, I have some moments where I overthink a lot and think that I am annoying to people. I always mean no harm to people and I don’t expect people to like me. But I don’t want to be too much. And I also lack lots of selfe esteem, so while working on cosplays (even on how short time or long time it takes) I try to make it look as good as possible and that ends up I put on too much pressure on myself. So during Banzaicon, I considered not attending the contest or even wear my costume. So yeah this will come in my post about psychology and cosplaying. But Charles White presentation influenced so many in so many ways. ❤

Charles White is also a cosplayer and he was so cool! He told his story of how he became a cosplayer and how much he loves to cosplay! Here is a awesome picture of him as his character Space Pope Max Singularity!

The Banzai-crew

The crew at Banzaicon where amazing! They worked so hard to make sure everyone had a good time. One of the greatest thing of the crew where that there was crewmembers going around with lots of water! It is so important to stay dehydrated! If they where asked questions and they didn’t knew the answer, they would check it out and give an answer as soon as they found out! They also worked in the cafeteria which was very nice. The prices where quite cheap, which was sooo good! They sold noodles, sodas, vegetarian food, tacos, pizza, fruit and hot beverages! The only thing I miss was if they could sell any supper late at night, such as simple meal that could fill our stomaches. I missed out on the good food and had to live on noodles, which was bad in some way. I ended up being hungry a lot! So during prejudging for the cosplay competition, I introduced myself to the judges with this:

“Hi, sorry that my stomach sounds like frog. I am hungry…”

I think I made the judges have a good laugh after that! :’D
Anyways, the whole crew where amazing!

The cosplay competition

Banzaicon’s cosplay competition included 4 categories: Cosplay Catwalk, Cosplay-duo, classic and master category. Cosplay catwalk was for those who wanted to show off their costumes on stage without getting judged by the judges. But there will be given out awards for their showmanship! Cosplay-duo is for those who want join the category as a group and compete with other cosplay groups. Cosplay classic is for those who wants to participate individually, but will be judged less than the master category. This category includes that you must cosplay an existing fictional character, must at least be 50% self-made and the costume must not have been placed in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any other cosplay contest from other conventions. Cosplay Master is for those who really wants to compete and try to win a place to participate in the Nordic Cosplay Championship (NCC) at Närcon. The cosplay must be 90% self-made, must not have won first place at any major norwegian cosplay event. It must also not have been used in any international cosplay championship. And the character must be excisting fictional character.

Here is a list of those who won in the different cosplay categories (PICTURES WILL COME SOON):

Cosplay catwalk:
3rd place – sailor moon scouts
2nd – Notebook – don’t hug me I’m scared.
1St – Fredrik as Dr. Horrible

Cosplay Duo:
1st – Nicole Ljung Jensen and Michelle Ljung Jensen as Rocket racoon and groot.

Cosplay classic: 
3rd – Bekkso Cosplay as Iris von Everec.
2nd – Saharasara Cosplay as Fili
1st – YellowCake Cosplay as Ramsey Bolton

Cosplay masters:
3rd – Mallie Cosplay & Crafting as Anastasia


2nd – Heresetai cosplay as Philippa Eilhart

1st – Bettcanard Design as Sargeant Calhoun.

Congratulations to Bettcanard Design for winning 1st place in the Cosplay Master category and will be the last Norwegian representative in the Nordic Cosplay Championship!

Quick summary of it all

Banzaicon was amazing! They had amazing program which was so full that it was a bit sad missing out some of it, but hopefully there where some who learned something cool at the great panels and workshops. They had a big sleeping hall, it was cold, but cosy. The space for each person was big enough and had lots of space. The crewmembers where incredible and caring. They made sure you were dehydrated and had some really awesome chefs in the cafeteria. The whole convention was really huge and lots of cosplayers who went there can’t wait till next year!

Hope you all enjoyed Banzaicon as much as I did!


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