Blog | December 4th


So we light two candles tonight, two lights for hope and joy
They stand and shine for themselves and us who are present
So we light two candles tonight, two lights for hope and joy

So it is the second day of Advent and this is one of my favourite verses from a poem about the Advent. The Advent season lasts for four Sundays leading up to Christmas. Some might do it for religious reasons. Thought, I am not very religious, but I grew up with this as a tradition. I think it is just simple and beautiful. So on the first Sunday of the Advent, we lit one candle. On the second day of the Advent we lit two candles. Then three on the third Sunday and four on the fourth.

Anyhow, from some serious stuff to more funny things!
I stumbles across this beautiful thing:

Are you excited for Star Wars: Rogue One? 😀

Before I go to the main thing I wanted to spent my day writing about. I want to share you guys this trailer of The Last Of Us Part 2! =o

It just got revealed yesterday, so this is pretty new! I haven’t played the first one yet, but I really want to! Have you played Last Of Us? How was it? Leave me a comment and tell me! ^^

So over to what I wanted to write about. This day is a feature Sunday about The CosCast actually, because those three girls are so awesome 😛

The CosCast are three Norwegian cosplayers, Pixiedust CosplayAnnabella Cosplay and Enyassia Cosplay. They started in February 2015 and every Sunday they are livestreaming on Youtube from 21.00 Norwegian time (+01.00 GMT), 09.00 PM UK time. The CosCast brings up different themes each livestream, but they are also interviewing different cosplayers and are very interactive with their viewers!

They are often bringing up cosplay news (both national and global), talking about cosplay progresses, about cons and con-experiences and talks about issues. For example about elitism in the cosplay community.

The CosCast often attends cons in Norway and during their time there they film for their vlogs, have their own livestream panel, have some funny competitions and take really cool photos. Here are some awesome pictures of these three awesome girls and some of their con-experience! (All credits of these photos are going to the CosCast)

What I really love about them is how friendly they all are. They are so fun to hang with. Even if you haven’t known them for a long time, you can simply just go to them, say hi and start talking with them. They are very open, social and so kind ❤

If you don’t have much to do on this Sunday evening I highly recommend to go on Youtube and watch today’s episode of their Livestream. 😉

Hope you all have a nice evening and here is today’s music ❤


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