Blog | A very very late December 6th

Hi guys!
This one is very late due to that I was working and watching few episodes of The Crown with my mother. This series is so amazing and interesting 😮


It’s about Queen Elisabeth II and her early reign as queen of the United Kingdom. I believe that the filmmakers have been using real events to make it as most realistic drama series on Netflix. Quoting Time magazine:

The research team consulted with historians, made use of the British Library, studied news reels, pored over newspaper clippings and read countless contemporary and retrospective biographies, novels and non-fiction.


There seem to be lots of events in this Netflix series that seem fictional, but has actually happened. What I really like is that they have really taken time to make it as accurate and authentic as possible. The director explained to Time Magazine:

“I would correct the actors on little details, for example how a member of the Royal Family would greet the Queen, which was by kissing and then curtsying, rather than nodding,” Rankin-Hunt told TIME. “I also explained that people in the 1950s would not have said ‘morning’; it would have been ‘good morning.’ And, as so many members of the household had served in the forces, they would have held themselves in a formal, dignified way and not slouched like a sack of potatoes.”


I really recommend this series, the ladies wear lots of pretty dresses 😛

Now to some other matters, I jumped on the bandwagon on instagram and shared my nine best photos this year. And I am a bit sentimental sometimes, but you guys just have to deal with that! Because that is just how I am 😛


So I want to start this little but long thank you note to the photographers: Torygan Photography, Arne Vidar Stoltenberg, DRportraitJL Cosplay.StudioMJ Cosplay & PhotoThe CosCast. You guys rock!

I also feel to mention loads of people now. Mostly because I got to meet and hang with lots of awesome and kind people this year. So here take my big list of mentions!
Ookami – Cosplay PhotographySilje Danielsen Cosplayer and Makeup ArtistStarbit Cosplay, The CosCast members Pixiedust CosplayAnnabella Cosplay and Enyassia CosplayIngridbeast CosplayAlvi cosplay&mysteriesKarin Olava EffectsBettcanard DesignChrix DesignKake CostumesSaharasara CosplaySamplè CosplayNocturnalityRiruko Cosplay, Santatea ❤ Santatory & TimeforlemonteaHeresetai cosplayWeaslette CosplayVes CosplayCorocia CosplayRyurai Art and CosplayRawarhii CosplayRojano PhotoDanarkiStickweeds crafting and cosplayTellychanSéretur Alion CreationsTillers CosplayhjørneTheriz CosplayThe Friendly VikingEkame CosplaySommer CosplayCosplayer – Sophie Karine RiisMallie Cosplay & CraftingBell On Ribbon CosplayCosplayer: Bettina DuMond NordalPotato Cosplay, Hans Petter Larsen (Mr. Star-Lord), Jan Magne Sæther (Agent Venom, Spider-Man), Studio EeviaTraceless CosplayMelanie WintherPixel Angel Cosplay / Mai – ChanKaizula CosplayCece Tori CosplayChrisCosSara & While’s CostumesCryoCanine Creative, Yoshu CosplayMax SingularityAo Ai CosplayVichéri CosplayJust Cosplay & PropsPiratepinoySuperhero Girl CreationsPharamonyKatrix Media SiteOtelraTanzoirNaruparu CosplayFandomily cosplayThe Fuzzy Teddy Inn.

I want to point out, there are many many more people I’ve met and talked to that I want to mention in this post. Sadly I have the talent to easily forgetting names and faces when meeting people during conventions or any other places… There are so many of you guys 😦
So pls don’t hate me, I am really grateful to have met and talked to everyone! Everytime I am attending a con I am so excited to see old friends, new friends and meeting more and more people! It’s my favourite part when I am at a con and I love to talk, walk everywhere, meet people, see peoples costumes and creations!

So before this turnes out to be a big book of thank you notes for putting a big foot on my heart. Here is today’s music 😛


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