Blog | December 15th – Bringing up a problem to a big community

So, I need to get serious with you guys. If you ever feel that there is any way of negativity or a problem that is bothering you, and you feel to bring it up, you can always bring it up to the cosplay community. You are just as equal as anyother in our community and your voice matters a lot. Specially if there is an issue in the community. What I want to tell you is that not only matters your voice, opinions and thoughts. But what is also important is how to bring up a problem without making a big fuzz about it later. It is very important that people can feel that they can bring up a problem, than feeling that they have to be silent and do nothing about it for any reason.

“Why is this a problem?”

First of all, if you ever have a problem with something. It is important to think about it before bringing it up to anyone. Because it is important that you think about this issue and reflect about it. Maybe try see it in a different perspective than yours and write down questions about this problem.

“How can I bring this up to the community?”

It is quite important to bring a problem up in our cosplay community. But what is just as important is how it is brought up. Starting by building up sentences. Some wants to provoke, but that will likely make people irritated and mad. If we build up our sentences by not provokoing and examplevise asking friendly to the community like:

“Hey, I think there is a problem with this community and I would like to hear your thoughts about it. Lately… blah blah talking about the problem. Should it be like this or should we maybe do something about it?”

This is a easy way to bring up a problem without being seen as any good or bad person. You are simply bringing up a problem by informing the group and asking them to join the discussion. Then people will start joining in and give several different perspectives on the case. In the end people can conclude together how to solve the problem.

What else is important is to stay as neutral as possible. Don’t pick any sides and be open to different thoughts about the problem. We are all different persons, with lots of different meanings.

I want to bring an example. I am not pointing out any sides, just want to reflect upon it. Example:

If people are involved, then let them stay anonymous or inform them by simply telling them (politely) that:

“Hey, I recently stumbled upon a problem and have some issues. I was wondering if we could talk?”

Then if this person say yes, you can honestly tell this person about your problem with them. Then you could find out together how to solve that problem. Again it is important to remain openly to different perspectives about the problem. If it is not working between those persons, they can agree that it is not working between their perspectives and simply stay where they are and leave this problem be. Because then they have talked about it, reflected and shared their thoughts between them.

Example ended.



If you ever want to bring up a problem or anything to a discussion in a big community, it would be important to know how to bring it up in a calm and neutral way. The way a problem is brought to a discussion is sometimes depended on how it is brought up and how it gets responded.

It is also just as important to think before bringing it up to a discussion and when sharing it with people, to be open for different thoughts and perspectives.

Create a friendly discussion and listen to each other.

If you feel like there is something more to point out, feel free to share!

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