Blog | December 23rd

Hello everyone!
Tomorrow is December 24th, can you believe that? I think time has flewn so fast 😮
But I really really want to announce my plans for 2017 and I guess this is the right time. I have planned most of it by which con I am going to, so hopefully there will be at least 6 cosplays the next year. I am not sure if all of my cosplays will be new cosplays or from something that I already have cosplays, but I am sure there will be some new cosplays. 😛


  • Le Blanc from League of Legends

  • Human Lady from Lady and the Tramp

Source: chacckco (


  • Noonwraith from Witcher 3
  • Eówyn from Lord of the Rings, only if I get enough time after finishing Noonwraith. Noonwraith project comes first of everything, because it need lots of time working with.


  • Malon from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Second one I haven’t decided yet. There are many cosplays I already have, so I will probably bring with me again ^^

Today’s music:


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