Blog | Cosplay-break

This is from March 3rd, that I announced that I am taking a break from making cosplays. I simply forgot to post it here.

Hi, I am taking a long break. Due to no time, motivation and other plans for the future. Need to see where it goes and if I got any space for working on my projects again. Will miss my cosplayfriends a lot, but would love to drink coffee sometimes

The long part:
Hi guys,
I feel a bit disappointed to say that I have decided to take a break from my favourite hobby of all time. Cosplay. And, the reason is that I need to focus on school, my job and other things. I also can’t find any motivation either. I can’t see myself cosplaying in the future at the moment, because I got plans of taking a second bachelor, moving away (maybe twice this year), and much more. Which gives me hardly time for cosplay.

I need to see if I get any space for my cosplayprojects after I have settled down after moving and in my schedule. I will ofc miss my cosplay friends, because I will get to see you less, but if we both have time I would love to drink coffee sometimes!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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