My name is Rebekka Sofie and I am 21 year old Norwegian cosplayer known as Bekkso Cosplay. I’ve been cosplaying since August 7th and been doing lots of projects ever since.

I got introduced to the cosplay community by watching animes and playing games with my cousin when we were younger. I’ve been searching cosplays of characters that I liked for a long time, when one time I met an actual Norwegian person who cosplayed. She calls herself Chrix Design and she’s a wonderful person. She recommended me to start cosplaying and I ended up joining two friends of my in a tiny group cosplay and one of my own.

After being introduced I started making my own cosplays and been watching lots of tutorials on how to make armor, dresses and props. I am still not sure what I like to do best of armor making or sewing. I really love both! ^^

I made this blog because I like writing, doing lots of stuff and combining cosplaying and writing never seemed too bad xD

Hope you enjoy this blog and love sharing the same interest!


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