DIY | Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them – 1926 inspired wizard closet cosplay

Hi guys!
So yesterday, I went to the nightpremiere of Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them. It was pretty fantastic *BADUM TSS*


I must say it was amazing movie and I am not going to spoil anything for you guys. I highly recommend this movie, mostly for the beasts. Because all of the beast where so amazing!! Ok, and handsome Newt Scamander ❤ (yes, I am going to marry this guy. Sorry, boyfriend :’D)

Anyways, I as a cosplayer HAD TO make something inspirational and magical closet cosplay for this movie! Mostly because I am a huge fan of the 1920’s, The Great Gatsby and up to the late 1920’s. So I was so happy that I found out that the movie’s plot was during 1926!

Look at these amazing pictures! Still no spoiler, most of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast fans have already seen them, so I hope this are no spoiler for you too. 😛

As some of you guys know, I just went to the hairdresser and got a bit or a big change. Which was my hair color. I went from rusty orange to purple, thanks to my lovely hairdresser Eileen from H2 Munkegata and H2 Bleach & Sisters. ❤

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I can finally cosplay Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter, YAAAAS 😀

So yes, Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them inspirational closet cosplay!
My whole outfit costed me 0,- kr (NOK). Everything I used was from my closet and things I stole from my mother’s closet. I did some searching of how 1920 to 1926 fashions looked like at that time, so I could compare it with some few reference pictures from the movie. I do recommend doing the same before you pick out the outfit. Because there are so many awesome styles and it will be easier to put together something.

My main goal was to set the whole outfit into some sort of a 1926 wizarding outfit. And because purple hair didn’t exist in 1926 for muggles. I think it was easier for wizards to change their hair at the time. 😛

 Blouse from Zara:

I had this really cool blouse with bugs, which I thought would be really cool to wear. Because the form of this blouse was flattering, business like but unatural.


I borrowed some really cool pants from my mother. It fit me as a highwaist and the lenght went to my ankles.


I chose my shoes because of the heels and shoelaces. I knew they wore somewhat more simple than that. But I thought it would fit my character with the rest of the outfit and because my character where a secretary in a big magical business in the Wizarding World.

2016-11-16 02.50.24 1.jpg

Scarf from Monki:

I also thought my scarf would fit really well. I let it just hang on my shoulders, because it was something they did with long scarfs I guess. Weird fashion statements etc 😛


Was also borrowed from my mother. Big jackets were one of the important thing to have during the 1920’s. They used to be big, warm and cosy. My mothers jacket had this nice grey tone, which made it look a bit industrial in a way but fashionable.


I wore two necklaces, one short with diamonds and one which was a bent fork with a stone in it. When I came to this part I realized what sort of character I would be in the Wizarding World, and that was a wizard that was hard working. She worked in a big company where she could have afford for a few bling. She wasn’t rich, but something a little more above the middle class in that time. When picking accessories, I chose the second necklace by its weird look. Which I already said, was a bent fork with a stone. I thought it would be some sort of a magical pendant from a relative or something like that. IRL, it is just a necklace, which I got as a gift from my mother when she was in Cuba. 😛

Third accessory was finding out which wand I wanted to use from my Harry Potter collection. Since I don’t have any wands from the newest film, yet! I chose to bring Luna Lovegoods wand, because I wanted to represent the house of Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. Which is the house I am in. And I thought I could bring my personality to this character and my Pottermore account into it.

My final accessory was my girl friend Kristina’s glasses, which was just something spontaneous. She thought I would fit them and they did! After that I found out what my character really was. A secretary in the Ministry of Magic! 😀

I also picked some rings that I thought would fit with this character. One of them had this pattern on it, which I thought could be any magical thingi. My second ring was a simple big ring with a black stone in it, just to have something cool to add with the outfit.

Hair and makeup:

When I was done I got to get some styling by my hairdresser @Eileen and she styled my hair into something from 1920’s 😛 My friend Kristina did a search on how their makeup were. Examplevise, during that year they used to wear eyeshadow up to their brows and their brows were quite round at that time too.

So here is the result!

Hopefully I will do a full shoot of this OC, because I simply loved the whole outfit I put together. So I need to sneek into my Kristina’s house and steal her glasses! Mohahahah! I need to give her a shoutout for her amazing outfit she put together!

It was so fun bringing her to the nightpremiere and that she wanted to dress up in 1920’s outfit with me ❤ I had lots of fun with her and I would love to do it again sometime! ❤

I hope you guys like this little DIY and that you will get some inspiration from it too. What where your experience of the movie? Did you like it? Did you not like it? Leave a comment below and I will see you guys later! 😀


| DIY | Cheap & easy-to-make Halloween cosplayideas!

Today I wanted to share some simple ideas on how to make simple Halloween cosplays just buy looking in regular clothing stores like HM and other. I thought it could give you some cool ideas for what to cosplay on Halloween, since this time is perfect for that! ^^

First off is Wednesday Adams from Addams Family.

She is known for her black short dress with white details on it. She wears almost the same dress just with some other patterns so there is always a way to cosplay her. You can find a dress that looks at HM. I found one with square patterns but I can’t find it in their online store sadly, but I kind of want to buy it but I already got this one (before I realized it fit for Ms. Addams). This dress will fit some dark stockings, black boots and of course black nailpolish.
hmprodNext up is Mrs. Addams, Morticia.
She wears quite extreme makeup like light and dark eyeshadow with a marked eyeliner. It’s important to wear her red vampy lips and long nails with red nailpolish. We are known to her tight dresses that goes out in the end and long sleeves. I found this gorgeous dress from HM which I think would fit her quite well. With some accessories, which gives some Halloween feels, and a see-through scarf you’ll totally look like Mrs. Addams. Another thing is that Mrs. Addams got some serious curves, so if you got a bombshell bra, it will give you the curves you’ll need if you want to look as most as possible as her (yes I just got “as” three times in this sentence! BOYAH!).

hmprod (1)

hmprod (2)

hmprod (3)

I picked next character form a anime that is quite Halloween themed! This anime’s world has an evil moon, evil characters which are anything from WITCHES to MEDUSA to A SKULL FACED MAN! This anime is called Soul Eater and the character from this is Maka!
Maka is a Scythe-Meister is skilled with demon weapons who transfroms into Scythes. Like this:
Maka wears a shirt with a tie with a red checkered skirt and a long coat. She also uses white glowes and always has her hair tied up. I chose a white shirt with a black detail and a
73248142001_mhmprod (4)

This is all I got so far and it’s getting late so I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want some links you can find them down below. I hope you all have a good night and a happy horrific Halloween this year!


| DIY | Turn old shoes to new cosplay shoes!

Today I just realized that my Facebook page will soon be reaching 400 likes! =o
I’ve been busy with lots of studying but hope do work on more cosplayprojects when I get vacation. ^^

I wanted to share my post from an app called Cosplay Amino. It is a fun app where you make an account for your cosplay, there you can chat, post forum posts or blog post, or anything that is cosplay related and share stuff with other cosplayers in the whole world! 😀

One day I posted a tutorial where I shared how I made my cosplay shoes from old pair of shoes. From left is my original Roots shoes. I really don’t know why I bought them, it was years ago and I never used them… I bought hobbylack (hobby paint) in black and brown and simply painted them. (sorry for bad quality)


Here is the result!
I painted the head and some details below the shoe brown, then I painted the rest of the shoe black. My shoes looks soo much better now than before. The only thing I have to by now is new black shoe laces! ^^


Cost: cheap
You’ll need: old pair of shoes (not made of leather), hobby paint (or fabric paint if made of fabric), shoe laces.